2013 Spec Scriptacular Winner Chosen for “Writers on the Verge”

Larry Coldwell, his very self
Larry Coldwell, his very self

This just in from Larry Coldwell, whose spec script for ELEMENTARY, called “The Lady or the Devil” won the award for Second Place in the ACTION DRAMA DRAMEDY category of TVWriter™’s very own 2013 Spec Scriptacular.

Just wanted to let you know that I got into this year’s NBC Writers on the Verge program. Here’s to making progress!

Thank you for all your help along the way.

Thanks for thanking us, Larry, and you’re very, very welcome. We believed in you. Simple as that. Kudos, pal.

And now you’ve got the #1 rated network of the last TV season believing in you too. Lookin’ good, no?

A little background:

NBC Writers on the Verge is “a 12-week program focused on polishing writers and readying them for a staff writer position on a television series.” Larry tells us that he was one of the 8 writers – 4 drama writers and 4 comedy writers – who were chosen out of over 2000 applicants based on the strength of their writing samples (a spec script and a personal essay) plus two interviews (one over the phone and one in person).

According to the “Writers On The Verge” website, the program consist of two night classes held weekly at NBCUniversal in Universal City, CA. Students must attend all classes and turn in all written assignments. Or, as Universal puts it:

Classes concentrate on creating an exceptional spec & pilot script and understanding the dynamics of pitching oneself in the television industry. Writers are given the chance to interact with industry players ranging from network executives to show runners to agents and receive valuable feedback on their work and pitch style.

Writing assignments on a NBCUniversal television show may be available after successful completion of the program but are not a guarantee. Past participants have gone on to series including “Community”, “Burn Notice”, “White Collar”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and “Chicago Fire.”

Not to sound like we’re pitching, but you too have a shot not only at the next Writers On The Verge program but also at the current, in-progress-right-this minute 2014 Spec Scriptacular. And – still not pitching, oh no, not us mere minions at TVWriter™ – you can find all the info you need about entering right HERE.

The deadline is December 1st. Larry Coldwell didn’t miss it last year. Here’s hoping you won’t miss it this time around.

Read Larry Coldwell’s kickass script, ELEMENTARY: THE LADY OR THE DEVIL.