2013 PEOPLE’S PILOT Winners

22nd People’s Pilot Winners

For contest ending June 1, 2013




First Prize–LAWMAN by Robin Russin & Greg Klein

Second Prize–IN THE CUT by William Maurer

Third Prize–FRIENDS OF DOROTHY by Giorgis Despotakis


 1st Runner-Up–RAT CITY by Robert Herold

2nd Runner-Up–GRINGOS by Rogers Turrentine



First Prize–AD GAME by Greg Wayne

Second Prize–LET’S GET SPUNKEY: WISE GUYS FINISH LAST by Robert Glenn Plotner

Third Prize–BOBBY BOTELLI, GM by Edwin Daniel Beach


 1st Runner-Up–MISSION MARS by Andrea Schwartz

2nd Runner-Up–UNDERWORLD by Justin Cloyd

Congratulations, congratulations, and more congratulations. This stuff was dynamite.

For awhile there, we were worried that we’d never have a decision. The level of writing was so high that the judges didn’t settle on the finishing order until literally the last minute – Wednesday afternoon.

This is the first time TVWriter™ has divided the People’s Pilot into two divisions, but considering the all-around excellence it definitely was the thing to do. No way could anyone have decided between, say, LAWMAN and AD GAME as an overall winner. They’re both winners in every sense of the word.

Next week we’ll be announcing the equally impressive Spec Scriptacular Winners, and the following week Winners of both categories will be contacted regarding your prizes and LB will post his thoughts on what this running of the TVWriter™ writing competitions means to entrants regardless of their placings, the television industry as a whole, and to him.

At that point we’ll also update everybody on the state of the Feedback. In fact, if things go according to plan, LB will be well into the process of sending it out. (Pray for the plan.)

Again, congratulations to the Winners and everybody who entered this time around. You’re the best!

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