10 Free Online Resources To Help You Improve Your Writing

The original title of this post was “10 Free Online Resources to Improve Your Writing,” but that seemed a little too bold for us conservative, shy, oh-so-careful TVWriter™ minions. Bottom line: This is a good list of ten very good writing sites:


by Sharon Crosby

It often seems that there are not enough online resources for writers. There are a lot of good books on the subject, but they cost a lot of money because the writing community is a relatively small niche. Here are 7 resources you can use whether you are a professional writer or a young content manager to improve your writing, to make your content more interesting or to get published. All the websites have something different to offer writers.

Writer’s Digest

Get your hands on lots of writing and research advice. The homepage is a little too crammed with links for most people’s liking, but once you get used to how the website works you can find plenty of tips and lots of pieces of advice on writing. The great thing is that there are lots of different types of help available on the website. If you want help with your spelling, sentence structure or use of words, then there are resources for that. If you want to be published, improve your blog traffic, or write for websites, then the Writer’s Digest will help you as well.

Positive Writer

This is probably one of the best-put-together blogs on the Internet. The formatting, setting and visuals are perfect for the type and style of blog the author has created. Get on this blog and read the advice given on how to become a good writer. Sign up for the RSS feed and read the new posts every week. So if you want to both get practical tips on writing and enjoy website navigation start reading this blog.

Guide to Grammar & Writing

However it is such a hard website to love because it is poorly constructed and has a terrible navigation system, it is crammed with very good information. It is like a gold nugget that has dropped in a muddy bog. If you really want to learn from it, then use the text-only functions to get rid of most of the old-fashioned design and read the sections and categories as if they were chapters in a book. If you can find a way of getting to the information you need, you will be far better off as a writer.

EssayMama Writing Guide

This guide has a wealth of information you can use for free, and there is plenty of advice for both budding and experienced writers. However it gives tips mostly on writing essays, all pieces of advice are general and can be used by anyone who deals with writing on regular basis. If you are writing for fun, for profit or for your education, then the Essay Mama writing guide can help you.

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